Spoiler — It’s cheaper than buying one

I was looking to buy a write blocker to do data recovery/forensics tasks but I quickly noticed that I was window shopping write blockers due to their cost.
Some starting at £300, others that cost less were no longer being built or sold, maybe…


In this write-up, I want to bypass some checks our binary does. I’ll be using x32dbg…..Well…let’s just dive straight in.

Debugging a bitcoin miner

From the previous analysis, we know we need to concentrate on bypassing the following 2 conditions:

So let’s load the binary into x32dbg and set 2 breaks points, one…

We’ll need to evaluate the performance of the detector built to ensure that we are achieving a higher true positive rate than a false positive rate. Also as we increase the types of features built and used, we’ll need to monitor their performance.

ROC Curve

In order to evaluate the performance of…

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